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Today, differentiation and market leadership, operational excellence and superior decision making is based on how quickly an organization can aggregate and transform content into a competitive advantage. Creating insight and intelligence from the myriad of content sources, both internal and external to any organization is key to competing in the future. Legacy initiatives around Enterprise Content Management or Master Data Management are insufficient because a lot of the content you need today is created by outsiders who generally have no regard for any company's policies around content style, format or management.

MuseGlobal can help.

Our expertise in delivering federated internal and external content solutions are transforming enterprise, media & publishing, law enforcement and governments today. Our solutions can access, aggregate and transform content if it is internal or external to your organization. Here is an overview of the benefits of our key technologies:

Introducing the MuseGlobal Virtual Content Aggregation Service

Often the most valuable content not found in an organization's collective brain is located in social media and networking sites, or in external fee-based and free syndication services. This often represents the "voice of the customer" and leading indicator of a customer's intent to buy. Putting external content into context requires seamless integration with legacy internal data, often scattered across siloed systems and data formats and being able to normalize and transform these virtual repositories for real-time usage.

The MuseGlobal Virtual Content Aggregation Service has been specifically designed to access, aggregate, and transforms content for all relevant enterprise, public and syndicated sources to facilitate informed decisions.

MuseGlobal Virtual Content Aggregation Service
MuseGlobal Virtual Content Aggregation Service

Federated internal and external content is accessed using MuseConnect technology, capturing all contextual and relevant content based on the configuration of the connector's options. MuseConnect technology has the ability to coordinate the access, aggregation and transformation of content throughout the Virtual Content Aggregation Service. This service can be on-premise or cloud-based, depending on the needs of an organization and their decision from an implementation standpoint.

MuseConnect Enables Accessing Content from All Sources On Your Schedule

Through MuseConnect technology our solutions can selectively access, aggregate, and transform content from internal systems; social media services as diverse as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others; external syndicated services ranging from ABI/Inform to the Wall Street Journal; and free external sources ranging from the thousands available through the U.S. and other national governments to new syndicates and search engines.

Relevance drives Federated Search Results

The MuseGlobal Virtual Content Aggregation Service is designed to contextualize content based on content consuming applications or users. Using the Source Factory to coordinate the specific search requests through MuseConnectors, federated research results that are inclusive of every content source, regardless of its location, are included in the results. Federated search encompasses all available internal and external sources of content, delivering results in real-time based on search requests. Unlike other search engine technologies, MuseGlobal's approach to normalizing content only retrieves and publishes the most relevant and contextually valid per a user's request.

Mobility Mandates Context-Sensitive Content

The MuseMeter family of applications is designed to personalize the content that an individual is interested in consuming. This allows the user to stay in context, always have access to fresh content and can be deployed through any browser, or mobile device, accelerating the adoption by an organization.

Purpose Built for Business Agility and lower Total Cost of Ownership

Being able to deploy the MuseGlobal Virtual Content Aggregation Service over the cloud or on-premise translates into lower cost and higher levels of penetration. The core technology is designed to be compatible with an organization's IT infrastructure and support the federated content model that is fast becoming fait accompli for today's dynamic businesses.

Focus on Sustainability

Muse technology is designed to offer you maximum ease, scalability and flexibility. Written in Java employing a modular architecture, Muse technology operates within the Information Connection Engine (ICE) — a dynamic multi-user, multi-session, multi-threaded software environment that provides the underlying functionality for all Muse products.

We understand that content sources and delivery mechanisms are in constant flux. To ensure the sustainability of Muse technology, we provide advanced technology solutions that constantly check and maintain thousands of database and target system connections, as well as incorporate a highly-automated repair, build and distribute facility.

In an increasingly complex information environment, we are dedicated not only to producing the best technology for the user, but also to providing support to make the system as simple to maintain as it is to use.