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Today MuseSearch management technology has been implemented by a large number of business and content partners, incorporated into dozens of partner-branded solutions and installed in thousands of end-user organizations.

Following is a list of select MuseGlobal business partners:

Polaris Library Systems As pioneers in the world of library automation, our mission at Polaris is to empower libraries of all sizes through technology. Today, almost 1,000 libraries count on Polaris products and services to help better manage their resources, reduce costs, boost productivity and improve patron satisfaction. And we're always upgrading our product line to meet the rapidly changing needs of libraries.

Transtech BU of ClarIDy Solutions Transtech BU of ClarIDy Solutions, Inc with over 30 years of professional experience in information technology, Transtech has successfully promoted automated management system solutions in all industries, with specific emphasis on integrated systems in the schools, education and library sectors. Transtech's contributions to the library and education sectors are especially significant, as Transtech is the developer of the first internet-based integrated library automation system and virtual library solution for Taiwan and China, TOTALS. Looking into the future, Transtech Taiwan will provide the technological support and collaboration to furnish a new style of Internet-based library where the standard will be to "Let data become information, information become knowledge, knowledge become online." Learn more about Transtech's leading-edge solutions here:

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Innovative Interfaces, Inc. is the world's leading provider of Web-powered, Java-based automated library systems. Innovative's systems are installed in thousands of libraries in 40 countries worldwide. Its flagship product, Millennium, is an acknowledged market leader that provides an integrated array of reliable, flexible and user-friendly features for libraries and their patrons. Learn more about Innovative solutions at

Janium Technology Janium Technology was formed by specialists in library processes and technology to create products and services that offer the most advanced solutions for libraries, documentation and information centers. Janium has highly trained staff whose passion is to develop innovative ideas and transform them into cutting edge technology that will benefit Janium customers. Janium's objective is to relieve clients of unnecessary work loads and provide them with efficient and practical tools that will thoroughly benefit them. Janium is a highly innovative, agile and versatile company, capable always of adjusting to its customers needs to offer superior options. Find out more about Janium solutions at