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MuseGlobal Releases Muse Version

New Module Allows MuseGlobal Partners to Build and Distribute Their Own Source Packages.

October 18, 2012

San Francisco, California, USA — October 18, 2012. MuseGlobal, provider of award winning content integration and data virtualization platforms worldwide, today announced the availability of Muse version, which includes a new module and a variety of enhancements.

The Partner Source Factory, a new licensable module available from MuseGlobal, includes the Partner Source Build Environment that allows Muse Partners to build their own Source Packages. Source Packages are the individual software bundles that execute connections, negotiate the authentication, normalize the data, and maintain information needed to connect to both internal and external data sources, from enterprise applications like Lotus-Notes and SAP, to commercial content services such as Reuters and Factiva, to social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. They are stored, managed, maintained and distributed using Muse's Source Factory — a cloud-based enterprise grade platform that consists of the procedures, programming, and rules for constructing and distributing Muse Source Packages.

"The Partner Source Build Environment comprises tools to write and test new Connectors and Source Package Configuration files," says Jed Gilmore, MuseGlobal's Senior VP for Operations. "The Partner Source Build Environment also includes technology that allows customers to upload Source Packages they build for distribution through their local instance of the Distributed Source Factory." All of the existing Source Factory utilities, including the Automated Source Update tool, run against the local Source Factory. The Source Build Environment tools, substantially updated for ease of use, have been in use by MuseGlobal programmers for years.

Other important features in this release from MuseGlobal include full functionality testing under Java 1.7 and substantial functional and management enhancements alerts, used in Content Harvesting and User Alerts functionality.

Whether it's structured or unstructured content, Internet, mobile or enterprise networks, startups or Global 2000 corporations, the world's leading organizations trust MuseGlobal to deliver the most important content from every key source to facilitate informed decisions.

About MuseGlobal, Inc.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, MuseGlobal sets the standard for Smart Connectors through content harvesting and federation technologies to search and access content in any format on any type system. MuseGlobal's data virtualization solutions support access to structured and unstructured data in both private and public networks, from enterprise class applications to social networks. MuseGlobal's Smart Connectors deliver a wide range of interoperability options that allow quick integration with new or existing unified information access and big data platforms in a scalable, secure and sustainable environment that ease customization, implementation, maintenance and administration. MuseGlobal partners with today's most sophisticated blue-chip technology companies to empower effective custom search solutions worldwide.

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