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MuseGlobal Announces New Authentication Feature.

April 03, 2003

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - April 3, 2003 - MuseGlobal, Inc. has announced a new authentication option to MuseSearchTM, providing more flexible alternatives for retrieving data from subscription-based HTTP sources. Authentication is a key component of a federated search product, and this announcement expands the range of methods available to MuseSearch users.

Originally, MuseSearch utilized a proxy wrapper in conjunction with a proxy server to ensure that the user's browser has access to all information passed between the Muse server and the information source server during the search process - regardless of the use of session cookies, authentication cookies, HTTP authentication fields, or authentication by IP address.

Dr. Peter Noerr, MuseGlobal's Chief Technology Officer explains: "This new component is a 'rewriting proxy', and offers an alternative solution that eliminates the need to configure individual browsers, further reducing the burden on system administrators".

MuseGlobal simplifies administration by including the Muse Proxy Server with this re-writing filter component. The user's search is sent to MuseSearch and the search is performed as usual. Returned results have their links automatically re-written so they include the Muse proxy in the loop when retrieving the full text of documents. In this way authentication is maintained and the user is not required to individually logon to the content provider servers.

Dr. Noerr stresses the flexibility of use of these authentication solutions. "If a customer's network security policy requires a proxy server to be used for Internet access, we still support this approach. For the many popular HTTP sources that do not require authentication or depend on cookies, requests and responses are not routed through the Muse Proxy Server. The re-writing filter adds considerably to the power of the Muse Proxy Server, which already includes a standard re-directing proxy and a cache mechanism to provide authentication and security benefits, as well as improve performance."

MuseGlobal's product design philosophy emphasizes the ability of end users to focus on the discovery-to-delivery process, rather than spending time administering system tools. MuseGlobal CEO Kate Noerr comments, "MuseSearch has always incorporated a wide range of authentication processes and methods. Our aim now is to provide more security and automated features, to go along with the Source Factory and other automated utilities." The Source Factory is a 24x7 facility that checks connection status of all customers' information sources, updating connection and authentication information, and ensuring very high service levels.