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December 1, 2004
Ovid and MuseGlobal Partner to Deliver a Scalable and Customizable Federated Search Solution.
New York, NY — December 1, 2004 — Ovid Technologies, an internationally recognized leader of electronic medical, scientific, and academic research information solutions, and MuseGlobal, Inc., the metasearch technology firm, today announced a partnership to offer academic and medical institutions as well as corporations an alternative, cost-effective federated search solution. This ASP (application service provider) packaged solution will be scalable to incorporate any range of content sources including commercially available databases, local information and internet resources. The federated search system will feature administrative tools designed to enable rapid implementation within a customer's environment. The new federated search solution is scheduled to be available within the first quarter of 2005.

November 05, 2004
MuseGlobal Content Partner Program Expands to Accommodate Upsurge in Client Base.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — November 05, 2004 — MuseGlobal, Inc., the metasearch technology firm, continues to expand its Content Partner Program with dozens of new partners added in the last quarter, including ebrary, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, and Ovid. MuseGlobal works with content partners to provide seamless access to electronic content needed by libraries, information centers, and knowledge management services. Over 150 content partners are now part of the program.

October 26, 2004
MuseGlobal Grows in Response to Success, Demands of Technology Partner Program.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — October 26, 2004 — MuseGlobal Inc., the metasearch technology firm, has announced the creation of two additional positions to support its expanding Partner Program.

June 26, 2004
VTLS sets VECTORS on powerful federated searching through partnership with MuseGlobal.
Blacksburg, VA — June 26, 2004 — VTLS announced today that their VECTORS iPortal product would now include the optional addition of MuseGlobal's powerful federated search software. This new component includes the discovery-to-delivery capabilities that search unlimited kinds of information sources with a single query. The federated search capability allows users to enter a search query and retrieve an integrated set of results from many different sources. In addition, the component offers many other rich functional capabilities. An important factor for VTLS in selecting the MuseGlobal product was the company's support for UnicodeTM, which allows VTLS to continue to deliver global information to the company's global customer base.

June 25, 2004
MuseGlobal Announces New Version of Popular MuseSearch Toolbar.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — June 25, 2004 — MuseGlobal, Inc., the metasearch technology firm, announces a new version of the MuseSearch Toolbar. This new version is a plug-in version of the publicly available consumer metasearch tool, MuseSeek. The MuseSeek Toolbar is capable of searching 55 sources simultaneously in 8 different categories, featuring web engines, online booksellers, news, business sources, entertainment and sports.

June 25, 2004
MuseGlobal Announces Partnership with ebrary, Inc.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — June 25, 2004 — MuseGlobal, Inc., the metasearch technology firm, has announced a business partner relationship with ebrary, Inc. ebrary's core business is licensing full-text book databases to libraries and other institutions worldwide under a simultaneous, multi-user access model. To date, ebrary databases contain more than 25,000 books and 20,000 reports, maps and other authoritative documents from over 180 leading publishers. ebrary is continually adding content at no additional cost to customers throughout the subscription term. Additionally, ebrary licenses its database technology to organizations that need to securely distribute their own content online.

June 18, 2004
MuseGlobal, Inc. strengthens relationship with MuseGlobal, S.A.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — June 18, 2004 — MuseGlobal announced today that it is acquiring an enhanced interest in MuseGlobal, S.A., formerly known as EduLib Soft S.R.L. of Craiova, Romania. MuseGlobal, S.A. has had a long-standing relationship with MuseGlobal, Inc., and carries out the majority of MuseGlobal's development work for its well-known and well-received product line, MuseSearchTM, under the direction of Dr. Peter Noerr, MuseGlobal's CTO. Drd. Mihai Popa, who started his professional computer science experience just after completing his undergraduate degree at Craiova University, manages MuseGlobal, S.A. Drd. Popa spent several years in London working for Dr. Noerr in his previous company, IME Ltd., which was a prominent library systems company during the 1980s and 1990s.

January 09, 2004
MuseGlobal Announces New Personalization Features.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — January 9, 2004 — MuseGlobal has announced a new optional MuseSearchTM product version to allow extensive customization down to the level of the individual metasearch user. Individual user preferences can be captured to provide a personalized interface, selection of search sources, and metasearch functionality. Such attributes as number of results to be returned for each source, the number of results displayed per page, the de-duplication algorithm, and the method of sorting can be directly set by the user.

January 09, 2004
MuseGlobal Realigns Management Roles.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — January 9, 2004 — MuseGlobal has announced changes in management responsibilities for several key executives. These changes support MuseGlobal's partner-centric business strategy and formalize evolving roles in the company.

January 09, 2004
Westminster College Selects MuseSearch.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — January 9, 2004 — MuseGlobal announced today that Westminster College has selected MuseSearchTM to speed up and simplify student research. Westminster's Giovale Library will utilize the popular metasearch tool as a common interface to more than 100 online databases. Implementation is anticipated early this year.

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