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Check this page regularly to keep up with all the latest developments and announcements from MuseGlobal.

October 14, 2003
MuseGlobal Introduces MuseSeekTM for Consumers.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — October 14, 2003 — MuseGlobal, Inc. has announced MuseSeekTM, a new consumer-oriented version of its metasearching technology. MuseSeek will allow Internet users to perform simultaneous searches of an unlimited number of online information sources using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

October 14, 2003
MuseGlobal Introduces New Content Partner Program.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — October 14, 2003 — MuseGlobal, Inc., the metasearch technology firm, has announced a Content Partner Program with the objective of fostering quality connectivity to information sources. Headed by Emily Fayen, MuseGlobal's Vice President of Digital Content, the program strengthens technology relationships with content providers for the mutual benefit of users and publishers.

August 14, 2003
MuseSearchTM Powers German eBook Portal.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — August 14, 2003 — MuseGlobal, Inc. and Kreutzfeldt Electronic Publishing from Hamburg, Germany have announced "Deutsches eBook-Portal", the first website serving as a point of access to more than 2000 e-books in the German language. Visitors to the portal at can simultaneously search the databases of six large e-book shops. To purchase an e-book, the MuseSearchTM software links the buyer to the corresponding page of the shop selling the title.

August 14, 2003
Emily Fayen Joins MuseGlobal as VP, Digital Content.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — August 14, 2003 — MuseGlobal, Inc. announced today that Emily Fayen has joined the company as Vice President for Digital Content and Access. Before joining MuseGlobal, she was the Product Manager for Information Quest, RoweCom/divine's very large online database of scientific, technical, and medical journal literature. At the same time, she also managed publisher relations for nearly 100 electronic publishers.

July 17, 2003
MuseSearchTM Rated Best Common User Interface Product.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — July 17, 2003 — MuseSearchTM from MuseGlobal, Inc. received top scores in a field of eleven federated search software products in a study conducted by the School of Information Management at Victoria University of Wellington. Commissioned by the National Library of New Zealand, the study ranked products according to their features; additional study results evaluate product performance against weightings of the evaluation criteria developed by major academic and public libraries.

July 10, 2003
MuseGlobal Announces New Partnership with Alexandria.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — July 10, 2003 — Alexandria and MuseGlobal, Inc. have teamed to offer Alexandria SearchALL powered by MuseGlobal technology. Alexandria SearchALL accesses unlimited numbers and types of information sources, which may be searched simultaneously with a single user query and are displayed in one, organized results window. With Alexandria SearchALL, there's no need to submit and resubmit searches and sources. The sources SearchALL can access simultaneously include, but are not limited to, other library collections, search engines such as Google and Yahoo, databases like Ebsco and ProQuest, The Library of Congress, online encyclopedias and much more!

June 21, 2003
New Mandarin Portal to Include MuseSearchTM.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — June 21, 2003 — Mandarin Library Automation, Inc. has announced its technology partnership with MuseGlobal, Inc. in developing M3 Web OPAC Deluxe®, a portal product that will complement the Mandarin M3 Library Automation software suite. M3 Web OPAC Deluxe will be built on top of the recently redesigned M3 Web OPAC (formerly Web Gateway) and will integrate the functionality of the M3 Web OPAC (placing reserves, sending ILL requests, saving results to the Bookbag, placing renewals, etc.) with the powerful global search capabilities of Muse technology. Patrons will be able to conduct a search from a single search interface, simultaneously returning results not only from the local library's collection, but also from the library's subscription databases and popular Internet search engines.

April 3, 2003
MuseGlobal Announces New Authentication Feature.
SALT LAKE CITY, UT — April 3, 2003 — MuseGlobal, Inc. has announced a new authentication option to MuseSearchTM, providing more flexible alternatives for retrieving data from subscription-based HTTP sources. Authentication is a key component of a federated search product, and this announcement expands the range of methods available to MuseSearch users.

January 25, 2003
Sirsi Selects MuseGlobal to Power SingleSearchTM Plug-Ins.
Sirsi Corporation has announced that MuseGlobal technology will be incorporated in the release of Sirsi SingleSearchTM, version 2, a multiprotocol search technology that allows users to search multiple network-accessible information resources simultaneously from a single interface. Version 2 includes broadcast search functionality from the MuseSearchTM product, including connectors, which will enable Sirsi SingleSearchTM to maintain reliable access to the thousands of resources that are searchable within the system. Available in the first quarter of 2003, Sirsi SingleSearchTM, version 2 will be available for Sirsi's iBistro, iLink, and Web2 user interface systems. The product will also provide key broadcast search functionality for Sirsi's soon-to-be launched context management solution.

January 24, 2003
MuseGlobal Expands Executive Team.
Cliff Hammond has joined MuseGlobal as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Hammond has extensive experience in international finance and banking, management consulting, international project finance, treasury services, and enterprise and financial risk management. He has spent the last five years developing and implementing e-commerce-based business processes for multi-national corporations and financial institutions, integrating sales and delivery channels, supply-chain and logistics functions, internal finance and accounting, treasury and risk management services, with customers, suppliers, investment banks, trade banks and wholesale financial institutions. He joins MuseGlobal from BASF, one of the world's largest integrated chemical companies, where he was responsible for the Finance & Treasury Center and e-commerce initiatives in Asia-Pacific. Mr. Hammond continues to be an evangelist for managing strategic information as a competitive advantage.

January 17, 2003
Westchester Library System Selects MuseGlobal to Integrate Information Resources.
Salt Lake City, Utah — MuseGlobal, Inc. announced today that the Westchester Library System (WLS), located in Ardsley, New York, has selected the MuseSearchTM broadcast search solution to integrate access to its many online information sources. The nearly one million citizens of Westchester County will be able to search the library system catalog, the Internet, and more than 30 subscription-based resources with a single query using this powerful connectivity software.

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