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MuseGlobal's Introduces News Hound And Blog Hound To Deliver Instant, Integrated Access To News And Information Services.

Content Integration Leader will collaborate with OEMs and Distribution Partners to Expand Delivery of Solutions to help Organizations better Monetize Their Content.

January 28, 2008

San Francisco, CA — MuseGlobal, provider of award-winning content integration platforms worldwide, today announced the release of two new products, News Hound and Blog Hound, designed to aggregate, integrate, enrich and deliver the most comprehensive, current and relevant content to customers. News Hound and Blog Hound fuse together the widest range of content sources to create unparalleled information services that inform decision-makers in both enterprise and consumer markets. Available through collaborative alliances with both OEM and distribution partners around the globe, News Hound and Blog Hound will also help online news, media and entertainment companies to better monetize their content.

Built using the Muse Content Machine, MuseGlobal's powerful content integration platform, News Hound and Blog Hound enable organizations to build and deliver the most up-to-date information services to their internal and external audiences. With News Hound and Blog Hound, organizations can:

  • Create custom feeds from both structured and unstructured news sources including search engines, subscription databases, media outlets and web mining applications.
  • Access up-to-date content instantly with query-based searches and alert feeds.
  • Migrate and deliver information seamlessly into third party or custom applications.
  • Generate new revenue streams from company-owned and syndicated content.

Unlike traditional search engines, News Hound and Blog Hound enable real-time analysis and results rankings, integrated results from multiple search engines, and a single, centralized-interface and administrative system. On the back-end, MuseGlobal's core technologies integrate seamlessly with any platform and enable simple installation and administration of connections to content services.

MuseGlobal will work exclusively with OEM and distribution partners to bring News Hound and Blog Hound to market. Through these collaborative alliances, joint customers receive highly customized solutions that meet each organization's precise information requirements.

"In the intensely competitive marketplace for news content and information, News Hound and Blog Hound provide both online media companies and enterprises with the edge required to build loyalty while boosting content revenue and profit margins," said Kate Noerr, CEO of MuseGlobal, Inc. "Alliances will play a crucial part in our strategy to deliver and implement News Hound and Blog Hound worldwide. By building our network of partners in this arena, we can ensure that we meet market demand for MuseGlobal's powerful new solutions."

"MuseGlobal's News Hound and Blog Hound can provide content providers with a quick and cost-effective path to generating fresh and expanded inventories of newsworthy content from sources not found in typical syndicated news feeds," said content industry analyst John Blossom, president, Shore Communications Inc., a leading management consulting firm. "Services such as News Hound and Blog Hound can help content providers to generate more engaging content that will be very appealing both to hard-to-please online audiences and to advertisers."

About MuseGlobal, Inc.

MuseGlobal ( ) sets the standard for content integration and federation technologies. Our search integration and federation systems enable institutions worldwide to build outstanding search products and services, unifying the widest range of content sources into high performance and reliable custom search solutions. We support multiple platforms and offer a wide range of interoperability options, as well as robust developer and customer toolkits that ease customization, implementation, maintenance and administration. MuseGlobal works closely with today's most sophisticated publishers, technology companies, enterprises and online services to build effective custom search solutions for their users.

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