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The Muse Builder Integrated Development Environment groups tools used for connector development and maintenance. This powerful IDE significantly improves efficiency and accuracy over manual connector development.

Muse Source Factory
The Muse Source Factory stores, manages, and distributes the thousands of Muse Smart Connectors to Muse installations worldwide.

MuseGlobal Support Site
MuseGlobal offers product information, implementation, and support tools for OEM & VAR Partners via logon to the MuseGlobal Support Site.

Muse Builder — Search Query Translator Generator
For content sources lacking export functions, connectors must query the database to obtain records. The Muse Search Query Translator Generator manages all searching grammar encountered in data sources to produce queries in a given target database's native syntax.

Muse Builder — Connector Generator
The Connector Generator Tool supports all the necessary parsing instructions for record data elements. This includes session IDs, database IDs, URLs and cookies, and includes a step-by-step debugger.

Muse Builder — Source Package Assistant
The Source Package Assistant Tool defines a work environment for coordinated connector work. The tool produces and manages the necessary files related to the connector development and distribution resulting in more efficient, accurate work.

Muse Builder — Extraction Wizard
The Extraction Wizard helps parse and structure the raw output stream that connectors retrieve from sources.

Muse Builder — Citation Builder
The Citation Builder tool transforms unstructured data from web resources into standard formats using intelligent rules.

Muse Builder — Source Package Testing
The Muse Source Package Testing Tool can run dozens of search test cases to confirm the Connector obtains the expected results.


Overview of Muse Technology

Overview of Muse Technology

Muse Harvesting
Muse Harvesting gathers content from varied sources and normalizes it into a single format.

The Muse Platform
Learn about Muse — today's most powerful platform for federated search, harvesting, enriching, processing and integrating content to power an amazing array of products and services that give people the information that they need in whatever context the need it and in whatever formats their computers and mobile devices support.

Muse nRich
Learn about nRich — one of MuseGlobal's amazing new products. nRich gives users instant access to a context-sensitive search from within a website, allowing them to explore additional information sources without ever leaving the hosting website.